Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i is....


Are you really here or am I dreaming
I can’t tell dreams from truth
For it’s been so long since I have seen you
I can hardly remember your face anymore
When I get really lonely and the distance causes only silence
I think of you smiling with pride in your eyes a lover that sighs
If you want me satisfy me
If you want me satisfy me
Are you really sure that you believe me
When others say I lie
I wonder if you could ever despise me
When you know I really tried
To be a better one to satisfy you for you’re everything to me
And I'll do what you ask me
If you let me be free
If you want me satisfy me
If you want me satisfy me

(Marketa Iglova & Glen Hansard)

sgt-sgt suke lagu ni... denga n denga n denga.
teringin sgt tengok movie die even ta suke na tengok movie sensorang..huhu... 
tHis song sgt susah na di fahami..hmmmm
betul ke that girl agak kejam when she said "if you want me, satisfy me".
ayat tu wat aku terfikir diri aku sendiri.
when i said that girl "kejam", means i is same too.


Anonymous said...

ape tajuk movie tu?

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